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Easy tips to add your catalog on internet (E-Commerce)

You want your product will sell as quickly as possible? The best solution would be to add a catalog online. If before, it was impossible to scan the contents of his magazines, his book or other, today thanks to digital publishing, you can do everything. The latter can indeed produce the equivalent of a book in electronic format so that they can easily adapt to the small screen in black and white digital readers. To create your catalog, you'll need a great application available for any mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. Many applications are available on the internet for this. Otherwise you will have to contact the site directly.

The required file format

Normally when you want to put your online catalog, you first need to have an electronic version of the latter. You will need your reference number that must be unique to each book, the title, the selling price, condition of the book and the description. You can put other information on other fields that are often available. You can choose between the .tab or .txt formats. Some sites accept .xls formats but not all.

Some difficulties?

If you have trouble to put online your catalog, would be best to contact the site where you will put it online. Some sites give you the ability to integrate your file well even if it is not in standard format. You can either enter your online profile if you do not have an electronic list for your books, or to opt for a free program that is very easy to use. You can simply use a standard file is in Excel format. If you already have a database you just have to send them your catalog.

Anyway, you should know that the best way of making famous your catalog is to undertake a digital publishing your books or your magazines for everyone to have access to these.