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We were at the WWDC15, what we will remain

At WWDC 2015 was held on 08 June, Apple announced many interesting applications such as Apple Music, Apple map improvement but also news personalized Apple. The latter would seem to be a new contender for Flipboard in iOS9.

A new application worthy of the brand?

This new application was specifically designed to compete with Flipboard. With a simple interface, it allows to put ahead any content with text, videos or pictures. It would even be possible to optimize the presentation of their items according to the format proposed by the Apple brand. The giant has undertaken several partnerships with major titles for obtaining a daily selection of their articles. However, no personal information about the partners in question has been revealed.

Available only in three countries

We'll have to do a farewell to NewsStand and say hello to Apple News soon. The latter has the same principle as Facebook Instant. Each editor can integrate interactive content on their platform. He can then keep the majority of the profits on their own pubs or get a 30% commission by using the Apple iAd. For users, there is nothing new. It takes only that they define their interests, much like Flipboard, by choosing their favorite sources to receive the content they wish. The catch is that it will still be available in only three countries : England, Australia and USA. The rest of the world will not be able to take a benefit for it. Critics even already appear on the net saying that the application in question mostly plant. Anyway, it's better to settle for its digital publishing if you must pay for an application that plant. At least you can access your favorite content anywhere and at any time. You will not have problems for navigation because you also have the option to download it to your mobile device and take them with you wherever you go.