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Working with our partner digital publishing !

If you are looking for an agency with which to partner for web publication, you do not have to look any further. Our partner digital publishing can bring you all the help you need to achieve your ambitions. They can help you in creating native applications for their users to receive notifications with offline viewing while responding much faster to use. Know that they can also make a web version for those who do not have shelves. They can also help you enhance your PDF files with great convenience and a quality of independence. You can then incorporate links, photos, videos or audio files and other not that you have recourse to any line of code or to knowledge of graphics.

Other services

Our partner can also allow you to spread everywhere thanks to very innovative marketing tools. In addition to your presences different stores, they offer you the opportunity to get a version web by embedding all publications on any of your sites and disseminating them on social networks. If you want to increase the number of subscribers on your site or loyalty of your users, our partner offers underwriting tools and will enable you to connect your current subscribers. If you need all the statistics of your site by going to the stores view pages on which it is present through the number of downloads, Digitalpublishing offers you the opportunity to have a global view of all with a console administration that allow you to make regular consultation of the hearing of your publications. This console will also allow you to manage multiple levels of user access while engaging in the maintenance of security regarding data access. Know that you can also customize your applications at your leisure through our partner. You can, for example, use your logo to further strengthen your identity or customize your enrichment icons, change the text color or insert your display wallpaper for your publications.